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Helping you maximise loss and expense claims

Many construction projects involve contractual claims. When losses and expenses occur, we help you maximise loss and expense claims while avoiding costly dispute escalation.

Is yours an extension of time claim to move a completion date and avoid liquidated or ascertained damages? Or a loss of expenses claim on associated project delays? Maybe it’s a disruption claim due to resequencing of works, or an acceleration claim for deploying additional resources. And what if it’s a combination of all four?

Contractor claims capability that helps you

Whenever you face claims challenges, here are some areas of our expertise that can help:

  • Identification of potential delays
  • Advice on notification provisions
  • Document review
  • As-built programme analysis
  • Establishing relevant events
  • Dominant cause determination
  • Concurrent delay analysis
  • Defence of alleged culpable delays
  • Third-party claim assessments
  • Claim preparation and negotiation
  • Problematic account settlement

Avoidance and robust prosecution of claims

For any claim, successful defence or prosecution benefits from professional investigation, document interrogation and presentation.

We drill-down into project paperwork, extract required information and present the claims document to prosecute claims robustly – and successfully.

Excellent claims management protects your interests. Depending on your interest in a claim, we’ll help you make full recovery, avoid paying over the odds and keep projects moving toward completion. Our experience in claims-heavy areas of construction is considerable.

Whether your project is large or small, commercial or residential, we make construction easier.

For more information and a no-obligation initial consultation on contractual claims, please call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More on contractual claims

When project claims arise, it’s in everyone’s interest to resolve matters at project level rather than with adjudication or litigation.

Generally, the earlier claims are resolved and parties can agree, the lower the cost to everybody – including the significant, but hard-to-quantify, cost of prolonged disagreement.

Maximising recovery of entitlements

Regardless of the reasons behind claims – and the project stage – fast, effective prosecution minimises costs and losses, and maximises recovery of entitlements. With this in mind, we’re adept at achieving claims agreement so work can progress toward contract completion without unnecessary disputes.

Whatever claims scenario you face (or want to avoid), we’re sure you’ll appreciate our expertise and determined, forensic approach.

Whether seeking to recover, or assessing another party’s entitlement, we’ll identify and robustly support your position for time and money-related claims. This makes it easier for you to achieve the best possible outcome while preserving carefully nurtured business relationships.

Thorough, accurate, correctly valued claims

While many claims are inherently proactive, some claims and disputes are more reactive (retrospective). Individual or multiple claims can be made during site work or at the end of the work (retrospective analysis with document review and assessment of the effect on works). If the work isn’t available for analysis, we’ll help identify an alternative way to assess the claim.

Preparation is the key to successful claims. It’s normally possible to foresee contractual claims and plan for them. That’s where our contractual claims capabilities prove their worth. The earlier you capture accurate data about events and the associated monies you seek to recover, the more likely you’ll submit a thorough, accurate, justified, correctly-valued claim – and recover your entitlement.

Avoid loss and preserve working relationships

We’ll help you work out how best to present claims to ‘sell’ them to another party.

With construction claims easily reaching huge sums, their components, rationale, build up and demonstrable robustness is essential. Only when a claim will stand up to vigorous third-party scrutiny can you avoid financial loss – and preserve working relationships.

Regardless of the detail underpinning claim preparation, it’s vital to demonstrate cause and effect. Establishing entitlement and relating consequences and costs to the events helps ensure a successful claim.

Whether for time extensions to stop liquidated and ascertained damages becoming due, acceleration claims or intricate concurrent delays, successfully building robust claim-cases is essential. Doing so helps you as follows:

  • You save time
  • You save money
  • You avoid the cost of wasted effort
  • You minimise the risk of claiming unsuccessfully

Industry knowledge and claims experience

Our skills and experience include these areas:

  • Breadth of industry knowledge.
  • Construction claims experience (including claims in construction areas traditionally associated with extensive delays and claims).
  • A fine-tuned analytical approach.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Well-presented documentation to support your claim.

Building persuasive cases

From pre-contract activities to project completion, we tenaciously pursue relevant facts before accurately documenting them. Being a claims consultant isn’t just about striking ‘easy and convenient’ deals. We take a pride in forensically investigating project narratives and facts, building persuasive cases and using these to assertively justify additional charges and recover your entitlements.

Supporting subcontractors and main contractors

Are you a subcontractor who’d benefit from claims support, or a main contractor who values help from experienced, accurate, tenacious, quantity surveyors? Either way, our advice, practical support and (if required) vigorous prosecution of claims helps in situations as diverse as loss of expenses claims, acceleration and negotiation of contra charges.

Saving you time and making you money

Whatever the claims scenario, we first look closely at all relevant claims data. Next we prepare persuasive presentation documentation, using the strongest argument to give you the best opportunity to recover your entitlement. Wherever possible, we do this without upsetting other parties. After all, you need to work together to complete the project.

How will we help you?

Getting to the bottom of a claim, isolating the cause and making a strong, persuasive case are keys to saving time and money, getting that completion certificate and making a profit.

For more information and an initial contractual claims consultation, please call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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