• Measurement, Including Bills of Quantities

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Helping you from take off to remeasurement

Imagine building and construction situations where the estimating skills of an experienced, sitewise QS would help you. Perhaps you’re a subcontractor tendering for a contract, but haven’t enough time to measure the job yourself. Or you’re a contractor lacking time to check measurements. Or maybe you just want to make spot checks on a newly-arrived bill of quantities, or remeasurement is needed before submitting claims.

If you’re tendering as a main contractor and your subcontractors are overloaded, skilled, independent QS could save you time by taking off quantities for your tender. Similarly, if works are underway, but the drawings change and remeasurement is needed for a variation account, we can help.

Saving you time and money at every stage

Whatever your measurement challenges, we can help you save time and money:

  • Take offs
  • Bill of Quantity production
  • Work scheduling
  • Contractor's quantities
  • Quantity checking
  • Material scheduling
  • Remeasurement

Of course, you could do it yourself. Now imagine the peace of mind and timesaving with an experienced, reliable QS to look after your tendering, material ordering and valuation measurement – or if you are a developer, your cost planning.

Whatever we do for you, we free you to focus on the things you do best for your organisation.

To arrange your no-obligation initial construction measurement consultation, please call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More about measurement, quantification and your quantity surveyor

With generation of quantities by professional quantity surveyors decreasing, the need for contractors and subcontractors to generate quantities themselves is increasing. We help by simplifying measurement and quantification and delivering the financial and time saving benefits of more accurate estimating.

As you’d expect, we’re conversant with digital tools (such as Exactal’s CostX application) that are known and trusted for their BIM integration, take-off advantages and customisable reports. Why buy costly software and training when you can trust us to quickly, accurately create required outputs from your digital drawings?

Saving you time and money

The benefits include saving time and money on your measurement and remeasurement. Moreover, output in familiar, easy-to-use MS Excel-format allows seamless integration with other systems and procedures when you price work.

We’re also familiar with the various ways of presenting bills of quantities, including these approaches:

  • Superficial
  • Elemental
  • Trade
  • Package

As you’d expect, we make sure we stay up-to-date with best practice for measurement conventions and approaching special circumstances.

Measurement: new and traditional ways

As well as staying current with the latest techniques, your Buildt surveyor can also estimate, measure and take off the traditional way – with pen, paper and scale rule! Add this to substantial real-world experience and you have a measurement partner who adds value to your contracting business at every stage.

Not only are we fluent in traditional and digital measurement tools, but we understand potential pitfalls when taking off quantities – and how to maximise data accuracy. Knowing what can go wrong helps us make sure it doesn’t.

Helping you measure, remeasure or spot-check

As skilled, sitewise quantity surveyors, we come into our own when measurement is needed to help you win jobs, remeasure or make spot checks. We can also measure for contractors’ quantities – where accuracy and good judgement are essential for ordering correct quantities and controlling contractors’ costs.

Whether you benefit from our project-wide measurement ability, or we save you money on checking subcontract remeasurements, we always focus on your interests. Whether it’s from a developer, main contractor or subcontractor perspective, we’re indispensable partners for your construction measurement and quantification.

For a no-obligation construction measurement consultation, please call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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