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Tender evaluation and management

You’ve won the contract, but lack the resources to source required subcontractors and award the right contracts at the right time. Alternatively, perhaps you haven’t got the in-house capability to manage the whole process and keep construction moving toward satisfactory project completion. Or it could be that, though you’ve got some prices in and let some subcontracts, others remain unresolved. Now you’re wondering where you’ll find the reliable specialist trades you need…

Procurement scheduling to post-tender negotiation

If you face challenges like the ones above, we can help with professional procurement outsourcing in these areas:

  • Procurement scheduling
  • Preparing and issuing enquiries
  • Identifying suitable tenderers
  • Reconciling tender returns
  • Drafting recommendations
  • Preparing contract documents
  • Post-tender negotiation

Imagine the relief of passing your tender management to us and benefiting from our long experience.

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More about procurement outsourcing

What will you do with the time we free up by taking your main contract requirements and converting them into the required subcontract particulars?

Just tell us what’s needed. Then we’ll get to work:

  • A procurement plan
  • Preparing information for tender packages
  • Putting tenders out to subcontractors
  • Post-bid interviewing
  • Tender evaluation
  • Price negotiation

Whatever construction challenge you face, we’re sitewise and use demonstrable surveying expertise to remove as much worry from procurement as you want us to.

We’ll appropriately package and let works without ambiguity (and at the right price). This helps keep your projects moving forward without delays and conflict. Whatever the scope of works, we help your buying programme run smoothly. That way, works are let in timely fashion, to the correct scope and on the right terms.

We’ve been doing this successfully since the 1990s. Imagine how we’ll help you…

When procurement resource is short

Procurement, as we both know, involves sourcing everything needed to build and commission a building or other structure for the best possible value. Whether it’s a small work package, or complete procurement for a project, whoever handles your procurement must demonstrate the following:

  • Attention to detail.
  • Effective management of contract documentation.
  • Complete discretion and confidentiality.
  • Understanding and management of risk (and placing risk with whoever is best equipped to manage it).
  • Interpersonal skills to work calmly and assertively with tenderers while under pressure.

Understanding drawings (and their implications)

For your complete peace of mind, we combine and balance the following:

  • Strong theoretical knowledge
  • Procedural know-how
  • Pragmatism
  • Cost-awareness
  • Integrity
  • Real-world experience

Simply reading drawings is one thing. But understanding the practical implications of, for instance, the complex temporary works they depict (and making intelligent assessments) takes practical experience.

Similarly, extensive on-site experience of project phasing means we know how to let different contract elements at the right time to keep works flowing and avoid costly delays. From planning suitable overall procurement schedules to understanding the implication of extended lead times for individual component procurement means you get continuity – the continuity that keeps works on target, maximises profitability and protects your reputation.

Making you and your client look good

When we help you get procurement right, it’s the key to letting contracts at the right price and time to keep your project moving. We help you deliver your contractual obligations on time, to budget and in ways that enhance your (and your client’s) hard-earned reputation.

For more information and an initial procurement consultation, please call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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