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Building-tender preparation and analysis

We make life easier when you want an experienced quantity surveyor to take everything off your hands and produce the tenders you need.

As a busy main contractor or subcontractor, you understand the pressure of being overloaded with valuations when important tender returns are due soon. When your in-house team is fully committed, or if you haven’t got dedicated tendering and estimating capability, we’ll help:

  • Site inspections/visits
  • Enquiry management
  • Tender reconciliation/analysis
  • Unit rate calculation
  • Preliminaries appraisals
  • Programme advice
  • Tender qualification and post-tender clarification
  • Drafting Contractor’s Proposals
  • Tender adjudication meetings
  • Turnkey estimating

Are you a builder who needs help sourcing additional subcontract prices? Or a large subcontractor who’d benefit from outsourcing estimating workload?

Either way, we’re the skilled, experienced help you need from first enquiry to tender adjudication. Imagine how much easier pricing, tendering and estimating will be with our services.

For more details and to arrange your no-obligation initial tendering consultation, please call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More about tendering and estimating

When construction estimating and tender invitation workload is stacked against you and resources are short, we combine solid experience of traditional methods and the day-to-day practicalities of real-life builds.

When the pressure’s on, we’ll reduce your load by creating the required tender packages and drawing sets. Then we’ll send them out to get the best possible offers against specific trades or packages.

We take your estimating problems away

Whatever your current pricing, tender process and estimating challenge, 20-odd years’ experience on the London and Southeast building scene means our services take the problem away.

From small industrial units to massive high-end residential schemes, we’ll do the following:

  • Understand your tendering criteria
  • Help you prepare reliable estimates
  • Do your subcontract tender evaluation
  • Submit your tenders on time

If you’re a main contractor, an independent quantity surveyor can help with all aspects of identifying and approaching suitable subcontractors. As experienced estimators we always take the practicalities of construction projects into account while saving you time, helping you make money and protecting your reputation.

Support throughout estimating and tendering

As well as filling your long- or short-term resourcing gaps, our sitewise surveyor makes sure the important things are covered during estimating and tendering. This includes details such as accurately evaluating differences in incoming third-party quotations that could make or break your contract’s viability if missed.

The same applies to composite and ‘rogue’ items, the one-offs that never seem to fall within standard measurement rules or to a single trade. If you’re a time-pressured contractor, they’re easy to miss. This can easily lead to incomplete submissions that undermine the rest of your tender.

Fortunately, we’re the professional resource, the ‘safe pair of hands’, that helps avoid the wasted effort and embarrassment of this happening.

An eye for detail (and true overall cost)

In situations like those, your ‘switched-on’ Buildt surveyor instinctively compares and reconciles quotes. Then we systematically look for unusual details – while always keeping a watchful eye on true overall cost. As you know, what appears to be the cheapest option may not actually be when we drill down into the basis for the quote. Don’t worry; we'll be looking out for you.

Similarly, because of extensive site experience across different types of construction, we understand tendering’s relationship to your overall construction objectives. We’re used to advising on project sequencing and programming at all project stages.

Freeing time for what you do best

If you’re a subcontractor, we help when you are asked for a price. If you’re good at what you do, and busy, the likelihood is that you haven’t got excess in-house pricing capacity. Don’t worry; we’ll estimate on a unit-rate basis or for complete projects. We also remove the hassle from taking-off. We’ll quickly, efficiently and remarkably cost-effectively produce your estimate to meet the required due date. In the meantime, rather than worrying how you’ll meet your next tight tender-deadline, just leave it to us while you get on with other pressing business tasks.

Your trusted client-facing partner

There’s something reassuring about giving us your drawings and getting completed prices back. It frees you from the worry of getting tenders back later than expected – especially if you haven’t the resource to turn them around on time.

We’ll help you avoid submitting incomplete tenders too. What’s more, our experience means we can help with other aspects of tendering, including tender adjudication, or acting as your representative at mid-tender and post-tender meetings.

If there’s one thing that sets us apart (take skills and technical ability as given), it’s our long experience and practical background. This is in all aspects of tendering and estimating (including assessments, contractors' proposals and tender qualifications). And of course, we know our way around conventional and electronic drawings.

We enjoy the challenge of tight schedules

Years of experience mean we intuitively absorb and understand the information in project documents. Then we assess who to speak with and contact the right people to get you the best possible prices. We do this with minimum demand on your time, and do whatever it takes to get tenders back to you when required – even when schedules are tight.

Whether you’re a main contractor or subcontractor, here are the main reasons for choosing us:

  • We make your life easier.
  • We save you time and money.
  • We help build your reputation in the competitive world of construction.

How can we help you?

We look forward to showing you how we already help other clients – quickly, accurately and reliably.

For more details and to arrange your no-obligation initial tendering consultation, please call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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