• Construction dispute resolution

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From extension of time claims to win-win

If you face contractual dispute on a project or want to minimise the likelihood of future disputes we can help.

With extensive practical construction experience we understand the damage disputes can do to working relationships. There’s short- and long-term value in keeping discussions moving and maintaining relationships for win-win outcomes and successful project completion.

The contracting parties we work for particularly like our demonstrable success-rate in resolving disagreements without recourse to more expensive forums.

Construction dispute resolution services to help you

Based on experience across residential and commercial building and construction, here are some dispute avoidance and resolution services that could help you:

  • Fact finding
  • Appraisal
  • Letter writing
  • Dispute or claim negotiation
  • Consensus building for win-win outcomes
  • Maintaining business relationships
  • Managing extension of time claims
  • Drafting settlement agreements

For more information and your no-obligation consultation on dispute avoidance and resolution, call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More on dispute avoidance and resolution

Imagine having someone in your team who understands the complexities of construction contracts. An experienced, sitewise, professional surveyor who’s abreast of developments and understands how construction projects work. Someone skilled at resolving issues before they get to formal adjudication or beyond…

As a main contractor or subcontractor, you know how disputes, formal adjudication and litigation can slow projects or emerge post-contract. Regardless of when they arise, they cost time and money. Running projects is much easier if contract issues are sorted at an early stage – or resolved quickly and fairly if they escalate.

We like to keep projects moving forward smoothly, without delay or dispute, so everyone wins.

Prevention is better than cure

Having worked at the sharp end of building and construction surveying since the 1990s, we know that prevention is preferable to curing ‘live’ disputes. Use our skills and experience to avoid disputes and free you to focus on other project management issues.

As your partner, we’re an accomplished contractor’s surveyor bringing extensive site experience with developers and builders, procurement, negotiating and understanding of how the client PQS thinks.

A solid record on contracts valued from £50k to £50m means you can be confident of our abilities.

A flair for keeping lines of communication open

Over the years, our clients have valued our ability to keep options and lines of communication open while pursuing successful dispute resolution. And for maintaining trust on both sides, while avoiding unnecessary escalation. Our clients also value the knowledge, confidence, pragmatism and assertiveness we bring to protecting their interests.

We’ll do the same for you – and we won’t cave in when the pressure’s on!

Whether we’re avoiding (or resolving) subcontractor disputes, or achieving fair outcomes with main contractors, we aim to keep projects moving smoothly, avoid or solve problems and preserve relationships. And of course, moving all parties toward successful project completion.

Wherever possible, we aim to achieve win-win results. From experience, even in the hard-nosed building and construction industry, this is achievable more often than many people imagine.

How we’ll help on your next contract

Let’s see how we can help break a deadlock, resolve a seemingly unsolvable dispute or (best of all) avoid disputes in the first place.

Sometimes, all it takes to broker a settlement that’s fair for everyone is our fresh perspective.

For an initial consultation on dispute avoidance and resolution, call 01483 853 149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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